Monday, August 31, 2015

Pretty Cowgirl Boots {Sizzix Post}

The Sizzix Quilting team is working on putting together a Round Robin type quilt full of cowboy boots for Fall Quilt market. We were each tasked with putting together a cowboy boot using the cowboy boot die.

Well here's mine and I dare say it's not a cowboy boot, but a cowGIRL boot.

Despite all my years in Texas, I never found a pair of cowboy boots I liked. What I'd want are boots in a pretty shade of brown with a bit of turquoise trimming. And of course my man can always bring me flowers - wild or roses.

I used the die to cut the boot and the turquoise trimming. 

Then I fussy cut a floral print. This particular floral is from Flower Sugar by Lecien, one of my all time favorite florals. 

The idea to appliqué a floral print came from Denyse Schmidt's book (Modern Quilts Traditional Inspiration) and the technique is called "Broderie Perse". 

I really enjoyed doing this little project and I can't wait to see how the other team members do their quilt blocks. I myself could do a whole quilt of florally cowgirl boots. :) 


Thanks for stopping by! 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Fat Quarter Shop's Summer Book Club

Hi guys!

I just wanted to pop by to say that Fat Quarter Shop has a little interview with me about my book, Modern Rainbow, on their 2015 Summer Book Club over on their Jolly Jabber blog. Daniar, of the Fat Quarter Shop, is showing off her version of "Scattered" using the Lecien Modern Basics charm packs and the amazing new Modern Background Paper by Zen Chic. It's a perfect pairing - go and see!

Also, gulp, I *think* there might be a video of me talking about Modern Rainbow over on the Jolly Jabber. I'd love it if you would pop by and say hi. I think. Gulp! :) :)

A big thank you to the Fat Quarter Shop for having me!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Paperless Paper Piecing {Tutorial}

Raise your hand if you love paper piecing but HATE taking the papers out of the blocks.

*raises hand*

Recently I learned how to do paperless paper piecing and it is SO great that I have to share it with you all.

Paperless Paper Piecing is similar to paper piecing in technique. But the main and most important difference is you can reuse the templates and you don't have to rip out any paper. 

Instead of making 1,000 copies of your template (number maybe slightly exaggerated, but only slightly), you trace a copy on freezer paper. (Hm, maybe this is better called Freezer Paper Piecing?) You may want to make a few copies so that you can work in batches. I made 4 of each template so I could work in batches of 4s.

You will need a printed copy of your template(s), a pen or pencil, a ruler, freezer paper, and paper cutting scissors.

Using the ruler as a straight edge, trace the template onto the paper side of the freezer paper.

Don't forget the numbers and any other information on the template, especially if you are going to reuse the template at a later date. You can trace the 1/4'' seam allowance now or add it when you trim the blocks during the last step.

Cut out the traced template with paper scissors. Then fold or score the seam lines. You will be folding them during the sewing, so this step will make it easier to fold during the subsequent steps. 

Instead of pinning or glue basting the first fabric piece to the template like you would in paper piecing, you will iron the freezer paper to Fabric 1 (my Fabric 1 is white). Make sure the paper side of the freezer paper is facing up and the wrong side of the fabric is facing the sticky part of the freezer paper. 

So line up Fabric 1 to the template and iron the freezer paper template to the fabric. 

Next, line up your second fabric (my Fabric 2 is aqua) just as you would in paper piecing. When you go to sew along the line, fold the freezer paper out of the way of the seam line. 

Stitch right next to the fold but not through the paper. 

See how my seam line is right next to the fold, but not through the paper? 

Now press the seam with the fabric right side up. This will also make the freezer paper stick to Fabric 2. Be sure to not iron the sticky side of the freezer paper that is facing up - you don't want to get that on your iron plate.

Put the unit fabric side down on a cutting board. Fold the freezer paper template back to expose the seam. 

And trim the seam to 1/4''. 

Repeat the process the finish piecing your template. 

This is me lining up my Fabric 3 (dark blue) with Fabric 2 (aqua). Can you see how the dark blue fabric is 1/4'' past the seam? Just as with paper piecing you will want to make sure the fabric is large or long enough to cover the entire shape. 

With the freezer paper template folded back, stitch right along side the fold. 

The stitches are right next to the fold but I haven't stitched through the paper. 

Press the unit with the fabric side up. 

The final step is to trim the excess fabric from the edges. Be sure you keep the 1/4'' seam allowance all the way around as you trim off the excess. Then peel the fabric unit from the freezer paper template. Voila! No picking out paper from your seams and you can reuse that freezer paper template. YAH!!!  

So what do you think? I found this process to be such a time and paper saver! 

Let me know if you have any questions and I will try to answer them in the comments. 

Special thanks to Marsha Bray of the Quilted Fox for talking me through the process and allowing me to share this tutorial with you all! 

Just a quick note to say I'm over at the Sizzix blog showing how to make quick single and double fold bias tape.