Monday, October 20, 2014

Introducing the Trilobite Quilt and Pattern

This week, I'll be showing you the second pdf pattern I've been working on, my Trilobite quilt and pattern. The pattern is available here, in my shop. And until next Monday use the code  "TRILOBITE25" at checkout to save 25%!

Trilobite Quilt and Pattern

Around the time I was 10 or so, my dad took me and my brother up to the Burgess Shale. We hiked up that thing and enjoyed the breathtaking views. Naturally, being 10, I took those sights for granted. But I do remember the beautiful glacial waters and the eery trilobite fossils.

Trilobite fossils, are neat because they are one of the few fossils of soft tissued creatures, as opposed to the more usual bony dinosaur type fossils. My dad would go on and on about it in the way that fathers do, so I sure do hope that I'm right!

Trilobite Shape

The blocks are made from half square triangles (HSTs) and larger triangles. I thought that the zig zag edged shape kinda looked like the trilobite rubbings my brother and I made at the top of the trail. (My brother *almost* fell off the mountain on the way down, I swear!)

Trilobite Quilt and Pattern

Aside from the layout I've shown, I've included 4 alternate layouts you could choose from. Each layout is made by rearranging the blocks and laying the rectangular blocks vertically or horizontally. It depends on what size you want - either youth, throw, twin, queen or California King. It's also possibly that there are other layouts using the same blocks. I wouldn't be surprised!

Trilobite Alternate Layouts

I really love the simplicity of 2 color quilts. I used Kona Snow and Kona Wasabi, but couldn't help having a small amount of fun with a sabotage block and a strip of mismatched binding. (It's hard to see the binding surprise, but it's dark green in the bottom left side in the first picture.)


For quilting, I used matching Aurifil thread (the white thread and #5015) to stitch straight lines from triangle point to triangle point. I wanted each line to be as straight as possible so I marked off each line with a ruler and fabric-marking pen. Aside from the marking, it was a fun and relatively quick way to get straight line quilting finished.

I've got a lot of quilting to do this week. Think I can do 3? �� First up, I get to quilt with #aurifil 5015, which I find pretty exciting. #threadnerd #colorjunky

So that's my version of the Trilobite Quilt pattern. I should have 3 lovely pattern testers that will be showing off their versions later this week. So stay tuned because these ladies came up with beautiful versions!!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hexy Plus {Finish}

So, when I initially started making my Hexy Plus blocks,  (pattern here) I just made and made and made them.  Then I realized I had made too many to make a throw quilt.  But, I didn't want to make the twin size.  Not wanting my pretty fabric to go to waste, I made a baby quilt.

Baby Hexy Plus

As I chose and paired fabrics for my blocks, I tried to maximize the contrast between each pairing. I love Anna Maria Horner's fabrics, but they can be challenging to work with. It took me a good while so sort them into pairs I was happy with. Happily that's one of the fun parts for me!

Pairings for a new pattern.

The odd man out means I *need* 1 more half yard.

I tried to mix them so that most were pleasing to my eye but I wanted some to be a little shocking - not too shocking so that the shock over powered the fabrics.

Quilting Detail

Usually, I just pick a favorite print but for this quilt I couldn't choose just one. I liked the result,  so maybe in the future I will piece more backs?


Thanks for stopping by!


Edited to add: I completely forgot to mention I was linking up to Finish it Friday. Sorry everyone!

Hexy Plus according to Amy

Amy, of the Bad Cats, was another one of my lovely pattern testers. Thanks Amy!

Amy made a wee table topper with her Hexy Plus blocks.

Hexy Plus according to Amy

The fabric for each background hexagon, as you can see, is the same throughout each block. If you end up using the same fabric for the hexagons, Amy has a tip. When cutting the strips for the top and bottom of the blocks, by decreasing the fabric width to 1 1/2'' you can save yourself quite a bit of fabric.

Thanks for sharing Amy!


The pattern is available here. And for a short while you can save 25% when you enter "HEXYPLUS" at checkout.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hexy Plus according to Pam

My friend Pam tested my new Hexy Plus pattern and also added her own creative spin. Here's what she came up with:


If you aren't a fan of the zig zag finish, I included optional quilt top assembly instructions to make a straight edged quilt. Personally I love funky edged quilts, but I know not everyone does!

I love how Pam started and ended her quilt with 5 Hexy Plus blocks; the pattern calls for starting and ending with 4 Hexy Plus blocks. But with the straight edged quilt, I might prefer Pam's version.

Pam chose to mix and match fabrics instead of pairing them. And as a fun touch she wanted some of the pluses to match the background, to give the illusion of a plus shaped cut in the hexagon.

Pam's Hexy Plus - detail

And naturally, Pam hammered this quilt out so fast! Pam is one of those "fast" quilters. ;)

Thanks Pam!

If you'd like a copy of the pattern, it's 25% off for a limited time when you use the code "HEXYPLUS25".

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