Thursday, October 23, 2014

Trilobite According to Debbie

I'm back to show you the last quilt from my lovely pattern testers who tested the Trilobite pattern, available in my shop. Didn't they do a great job? I'm so thankful to these ladies!

Today's Trilobite was pieced and quilted by Debbie, find her here on Flickr or here on Instagram. Debbie made the baby quilt version and used the simple but beautiful Cotton and Steel basics. 

I absolutely LOVED how Debbie used a few pops of colors in a handful of Half Square Triangles. It's like confetti. So fun!

Then when I saw Debbie's quilting, I wanted to rip out my quilting and copy her quilting. Needless to say, I love how Debbie quilted it.

Again, a big thank you to all my pattern testers!


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Trilobite according to Cathy

Today, I'm sharing Cathy's version of the Trilobite quilt pattern. Available in my shop here.

Cathy made a quilt for her preschool classroom. The bright colors and fun kitties are sure to make an impression on those little ones.

Visit Cathy's post for more details about her Trilobite quilt. But one thing that Cathy discovered for me was that using directional fabric can prove a challenge with this pattern. So our best advice would be to consider buying extra fabric if you choose to use directional fabric.

Thanks Cathy!

Remember for a few more days you can save 25% on the Trilobite pattern when you enter the code "TRILOBITE25" at checkout.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Trilobite Quilt according to Stephanie

Hi again, I'm back to show you Stephanie's, of Houston DIY, version of my Trilobite quilt pattern.

Trilobite According to Stephanie

I love what Stephanie came up with. The colors are great and the quilting is phenomenal. Check out her Free Motion Quilting. (Get outta town!) You can really see it from the back of the quilt.

Stephanie's Trilobite

Check out her take and review of the Trilobite pattern here.

The Trilobite Quilt pattern is available here. For a limited time use the code "TRILOBITE25" to save 25% off! Thank you!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Introducing the Trilobite Quilt and Pattern

This week, I'll be showing you the second pdf pattern I've been working on, my Trilobite quilt and pattern. The pattern is available here, in my shop. And until next Monday use the code  "TRILOBITE25" at checkout to save 25%!

Trilobite Quilt and Pattern

Around the time I was 10 or so, my dad took me and my brother up to the Burgess Shale. We hiked up that thing and enjoyed the breathtaking views. Naturally, being 10, I took those sights for granted. But I do remember the beautiful glacial waters and the eery trilobite fossils.

Trilobite fossils, are neat because they are one of the few fossils of soft tissued creatures, as opposed to the more usual bony dinosaur type fossils. My dad would go on and on about it in the way that fathers do, so I sure do hope that I'm right!

Trilobite Shape

The blocks are made from half square triangles (HSTs) and larger triangles. I thought that the zig zag edged shape kinda looked like the trilobite rubbings my brother and I made at the top of the trail. (My brother *almost* fell off the mountain on the way down, I swear!)

Trilobite Quilt and Pattern

Aside from the layout I've shown, I've included 4 alternate layouts you could choose from. Each layout is made by rearranging the blocks and laying the rectangular blocks vertically or horizontally. It depends on what size you want - either youth, throw, twin, queen or California King. It's also possibly that there are other layouts using the same blocks. I wouldn't be surprised!

Trilobite Alternate Layouts

I really love the simplicity of 2 color quilts. I used Kona Snow and Kona Wasabi, but couldn't help having a small amount of fun with a sabotage block and a strip of mismatched binding. (It's hard to see the binding surprise, but it's dark green in the bottom left side in the first picture.)


For quilting, I used matching Aurifil thread (the white thread and #5015) to stitch straight lines from triangle point to triangle point. I wanted each line to be as straight as possible so I marked off each line with a ruler and fabric-marking pen. Aside from the marking, it was a fun and relatively quick way to get straight line quilting finished.

I've got a lot of quilting to do this week. Think I can do 3? �� First up, I get to quilt with #aurifil 5015, which I find pretty exciting. #threadnerd #colorjunky

So that's my version of the Trilobite Quilt pattern. I should have 3 lovely pattern testers that will be showing off their versions later this week. So stay tuned because these ladies came up with beautiful versions!!

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