Monday, September 15, 2014

Modern Rainbow {Book Cover}

The time has come!

The time has come to share with you the cover of my book, Modern Rainbow!  Many of you may have already seen it, since it's been on Amazon for a few weeks. Some of you have emailed me or tagged me, etc saying you've seen it, which is SO cool! Thank you!

So let me come out and show everyone my book's cover.


As you might have guessed from the cover, the book is about making quilts using a spectrum of color. I so so so love making quilts using the entire spectrum and I'm honored to be able to share this love with y'all. But of course one could choose to make a quilt from my book and not use a rainbow palette. If you were so inclined, ahem. :)

I'm completely tickled and proud of my book. The team at Stash continues to just nail it with everything from the graphic design to photos and to all the other stuff that I can't even name because I don't even know what all that "stuff" is. But I'm so happy with it.

Naturally, I'm beyond excited for my book to come out but we will have to wait until March 1st. You can pre-order it on Amazon if you'd like. Soon, I will have pre-orders for signed copies available in my shop along with 2 new patterns. You at least won't have to wait that long for the patterns. :)


*end gushing*

Boos and Ghouls: Making Eyes, Feet, and Bow {Quilt Along}

Good Monday to you all! Thank you so much for your interest and playing along in this little Boos & Ghouls Quilt Along.

Boos&Ghouls Quilt Along button

Last week we covered cutting. This week we will be making the eyes and all the parts of our ghosts that require HSTs (Half Square Triangles). These are the top corners of the ghosts, the "feet", and the bow for our little Ghoul. Then next week we will be covering assembly, yah!

Set all the 2 1/2'' squares aside, you won't be needing them today. Let's get started!


First, let's make the eyes. Super easy. Pair up your 1 1/2'' x 2 1/2'' black and white rectangles right sides together. Piece them together using 1/4'' seam allowance. Press seams open.

Boos and Ghouls: making eyes, feet, and bow.

You should have 2 eyes for each ghost you are making. I'm making 2 ghosts, so I have 4 eyes.


Next, let's make the HST blocks. These blocks will be used to make the top corners of each ghost and also the "feet". The HSTs will also make the bow for the ghoul.

Step 1:

On all the 2 7/8'' white squares and one 2 7/8'' orange (or bow fabric) square draw a diagonal line from one corner to another using a pen.

Boos and Ghouls: making eyes, feet, and bow.

Step 2: 

Pair up the fabrics right sides together; pair the unmarked orange square with a marked white square; pair the marked orange square with a black square; then pair the rest of the white squares with the black squares.

Step 3: 

Sew 1/4'' away from either side of the marked line.

Boos and Ghouls: making eyes, feet, and bow.

Step 4: 

Once all the pieces are sewn on either side of the marked line, cut each piece apart along the line. Press the seams open or to the darker fabric.

Boos and Ghouls: making eyes, feet, and bow.

Step 5: 

Finally, trim all the HSTs to 2 1/2'' square.

You will only need one orange and white HST and only one orange and black HST. You will need 8 black and white HSTs for each ghost.

Boos and Ghouls: making eyes, feet, and bow.

Ok, now I will finish trimming all my HSTs and be back next week to show you the assembly.

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