Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival: Trilobite {Fall 2014}

Hi again,

For my second entry, I'll be contributing my Trilobite Quilt to the Modern Quilt Category of the Blogger's Quilt Festival.

Trilobite Quilt and Pattern

As I shared in my original blog post, the Trilobite quilt was inspired by the trilobite fossils found on a childhood vacation.

Trilobite Quilt and Pattern

I find it so intriguing that one often cannot even see a mistake in a quilt until it's pointed out. So I wanted to play with a bit of quilt sabotage. Nothing major. I was kind of afraid I would pay too much attention to the mistakes I made on purpose, that I would make an actual mistake. So I just threw a tiny bit of sabotage in there. Can you see it?


I consider this quilt to be a modern quilt with traditional roots. I've always been a fan of the traditional two color quilts - so simple and dramatic. But I feel like this quilt has a bit of a modern flair to it. Hope you like it!



Here's a link to the Trilobite Quilt pattern! Thanks!

Blogger's Quilt Festival: Hexy Plus {Fall 2014}

Hi everyone,

This year I'm entering my Hexy Plus Quilt into the Original Design category of the Blogger's Quilt Festival.

Hexy Plus Quilt & Pattern

The fabric I used for this quilt was Anna Maria Horner's Field Study, a favorite of mine. I used extra black fabric to create three "stars" in the background. Can you see them?

Hexy Plus Quilt & Pattern

The quilting I kept super simple because I backed the quilt with luxury, I mean velveteen. While I had visions of a more complex quilting pattern, I was afraid the velveteen would make it hard to quilt. Plus simple quilting means a fast finish which means I get my quilt sooner! ;)

Hexy Plus Quilting detail

We have the windows open to the chilly fall night, while we are watching the World Series. The quilt is super warm and is currently keeping me cozy while I type this blog post.

Thanks for stopping by!


If you like the Hexy Plus, you can find the pattern here. Thanks!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Trilobite According to Debbie

I'm back to show you the last quilt from my lovely pattern testers who tested the Trilobite pattern, available in my shop. Didn't they do a great job? I'm so thankful to these ladies!

Today's Trilobite was pieced and quilted by Debbie, find her here on Flickr or here on Instagram. Debbie made the baby quilt version and used the simple but beautiful Cotton and Steel basics. 

I absolutely LOVED how Debbie used a few pops of colors in a handful of Half Square Triangles. It's like confetti. So fun!

Then when I saw Debbie's quilting, I wanted to rip out my quilting and copy her quilting. Needless to say, I love how Debbie quilted it.

Again, a big thank you to all my pattern testers!


For a short time, you can get a 25% discount off the Trilobite pattern when you enter the code "TRILOBITE25" at checkout. Thank you!

Trilobite according to Cathy

Today, I'm sharing Cathy's version of the Trilobite quilt pattern. Available in my shop here.

Cathy made a quilt for her preschool classroom. The bright colors and fun kitties are sure to make an impression on those little ones.

Visit Cathy's post for more details about her Trilobite quilt. But one thing that Cathy discovered for me was that using directional fabric can prove a challenge with this pattern. So our best advice would be to consider buying extra fabric if you choose to use directional fabric.

Thanks Cathy!

Remember for a few more days you can save 25% on the Trilobite pattern when you enter the code "TRILOBITE25" at checkout.

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