Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Modern Medallion Blog Tour {Wedding Bouquet}

I can remember clearly the moment I discovered my love of medallion quilts. I've never been a fan of sampler quilts, so to my surprise I fell hard for medallions. Of course, my discovery probably coincided slash was caused by the #marcellemedallion (by Alexia Marcelle Abegg) craze.

My realization came during my first venture into medallion making with my Lucky medallion, which I made using selvages from my favorite fabrics.  I cannot tell you how much fun making medallions are! Lucky has long long been on my list to make into a quilt pattern - there are a few things I would do differently.

Lucky, a selvedge medallion

When Janice and Beth invited my to submit a sketch for their medallion book, I was thrilled. Here's my sketch I submitted. Actually, the sketch I submitted was a bit different; Janice and Beth asked that I alter it a bit, which was the right call. Anyways, I even had fun making the sketch so I've been waiting to show it to you. :)

Wedding bouquet quilt sketch

I really love blocks on point and probably my favorite thing to do with medallion quilts is to turn the center on point. I probably will always to do this, I love on point so!

The theme of this medallion was flowers: a center flower made from the pickle dish motif, orange peel flowers, and more flowers at the corners using a half of a pickle dish. Also there are flying geese made from HSTs, checkerboards, and herringbones. These are a few of my favorite things....

I knew this quilt needed special quilting to take the quilt to the next level. Danielle Wilkes of Nacho Mama Quilts delivered...

soft ...

Wedding Bouquet Medallion

billowy ...

Wedding Bouquet Medallion

luxurious ...

Wedding Bouquet Medallion


(Danielle brought it didn't she?)

I'm honored to be a part of this wonderful book alongside so many talented quilt makers. I'd love it if you were to visit the other stops on the blog tour to read about the other contributors and see the quilts!

May 19th: ME! :)

                    Janice- www.betteroffthread.com

If you'd like to win a copy of the Modern Medallion Workbook, by Janice Zellar Ryan and Beth Vassalo,  leave a comment on this post. I just got back from Quilt Market and am rewarding myself with a book (I'm reading The American Heiress for my bookclub right now); how do you like to unwind or reward yourself? (Quilting! Sewing! Reading! Gardening! Cleaning! Organizing! Eating! - I guess that' my list!) (Note: Winner's outside the US will be sent an electronic copy.) I'll choose a winner on Sunday May 24th. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Me at Market

courtesy of C&T publications

Will you be at Spring Quilt Market? I will!

I'm looking forward to attending. This will be my first year that I have events. Here's where I'll be:

My Schoolhouse session will be at 3:10-3:40 on Thursday May 14th. I'll be sharing with Natalia Bonner. We'll both be talking about our latest book releases.

Then on May 15th, from 2:00 - 2:45 I'll be doing a book signing at C&T's booth.

Hope to see you there! If you can't come, you follow along with me over on Instagram.

I'll be giving this mini Lucy in the Sky quilt away during my schoolhouse so be sure to be there!

Lucy in the Sky

Thursday, May 7, 2015

MonStar {Modern Rainbow}

Today, I'd like to share two(!) quilts with you, the original MonStar and a recent derivation 4 Little MonStars. Both are from my book, Modern Rainbow.

So this is the original MonStar and as you can see, the quilt it a giant star, a monster star if you will, or a monstar. This quilt can be found in the Improvisational and Liberated Quilts section. As the star grows layer by layer, the spokes can become a bit unwieldy and the size tends to drift a bit. So the maker has to have more flexible approach to making MonStar.

For this quilt, instead of picking and choosing fabrics, I just used one of my favorite fabric lines, Mirror Ball Dots from Michael Miller. Gosh I am still so obsessed with this fabric line. I'm hoarding a Fat Quarter Bundle still. :)

Fabric sammich. Healthier than a Big Mac right? I'm still hoarding this fat quarter bundle of Michael Miller mirror ball dots.

See how tight my grip is? hehe. My soon-to-be-seven year old loves rainbows, in fact the original MonStar lives on her bed. So that hoarded bundle will soon be put to use making some birthday presents for her room. :)

4 Little MonStars

Ok, now for the second quilt, 4 Little MonStars. I was contacted by Fabri-Quilt to make a quilt for their Quilt Market booth using their solid fabrics. Never wanting to miss an opportunity to use solids I accepted the chance immediately.

I wanted to go with a more mix and match palette. So I used Illustrator quite a bit to play with the different fabric colors before choosing my colors. Here is the color scheme I landed on.

4 Little MonStars

And here's how it turned out in real life. It's a bit bigger than I anticipated making a quickie photo shoot a bit more challenging. "Stretch your arms out further dear!"

4 Little MonStars

If you haven't used Fabri-Quilt solids before, the touch/hand is more like Kona cottons, maybe a touch heavier. The white fabric is probably the softest white fabric I've felt in a while, very soft and warm to the touch. If that makes sense?

For the pattern, I just made 4 smaller MonStars. The small ones are a bit easier to maneuver. And for the quilting, I kept it simple with wide spaced straight lines. If you looks closely you might be able to see that the lines form an "X" pattern on the whole quilt.

Ok, now let's make like the Count from Sesame Street (link will play audio!):

One Little MonStar!

4 Little MonStars

Two Little MonStars!

4 Little MonStars

Three Little MonStars!

4 Little MonStars

Four Little MonStars!

4 Little MonStars

Four Little MonStars! Ha. Ha. Ha.


4 Little MonStars

And that's that!

Thank you for visiting!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Again with the thank yous :)

Apparently I've made it to the final round of the National Quilter's Circle Blogger Awards, which really just blows my mind. There's a huge huge huge amount of talented quilty and bloggy people out there, and just to be thought of is truly an honor.

If you'd like to cast your vote for me or one of the other lovely finalists please visit this page. (Vote for me! *read in a squeaky chipmunk voice*)

National Quilters Circle Blogger Awards - Vote For Me badge

Thank you! 

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