Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Makes from QuiltCon

At QuiltCon, I was lucky enough to be able to take a few classes.

The Gee's Bend class - this was a half day class with 4 ladies from Gee's Bend. I've long admired Gee's Bend quilts so I jumped at the chance to sew with them. The experience was wonderful. They sang deeply meaningful and soulful songs and shared about their lives.  Their faith is so close to the surface that it oozes. I really admire how these lovely ladies are able to share Jesus through their art. It's something I aspire to.

As far as sewing - I really enjoy just cutting and sewing without too much of a plan. Here's what I made. My plan was to sew improv log cabins with a few neon fabrics and a lot of neutrals. Instead of cutting, I just sat and ripped. Instead of measuring, I just sat and sewed. Instead of pressing, I just sat and finger pressed.

There's something about unplanned sewing that frees my mind. There was only the color to ponder. I found it delightful.

I'm not sure what these blocks will become; I'm not sure I like the product, but I sure do like the process. So I think I will return to it.

QuiltCon take aways

On the converse, I took Sashiko stitching with Maura Ambrose. Sashiko stitching requires a bit more planning and a bit more commitment to perfection. At least the version I was doing. My goal was to get all the centers lined and matched up.

This required marking out of a grid with chalk pencil. I even found it useful to count stitches in each quarter circle (8 was optimal for me!).

QuiltCon take aways

Maura brought us quilt sandwiches made from her hand-dyed indigo linen. The color is so rich and is quite hard to photograph! The picture above is more true to the color. But the my camera kept trending toward the color in the below picture.

QuiltCon take aways

I'm not sure what I will do with this product. I think the stitching is finished. Perhaps it will become a pouch or something. I really don't know!

These classes were lovely and perfect for me to sit and quietly get my fill of stitching. I found that to be a wonderful balance to the buzz and chatter of QuiltCon.


Monday, February 23, 2015

Rainbow Rain Quilt top {Finish!}

Update: giveaway closed. Kath is our winner! Thank you to all who played. It was so fun to hear everyone's idea of a rainy day. :) And hullllooooo?! Why did I not think to put sewing as a favorite rainy day activity!?


Welcome to my stop on Gina Martin's Bump to Baby fabric blog hop!

Today I'll be showing you my Rainbow Rain quilt top and walking you through my favorite, lazy-lady applique technique. If you are interested in the templates for the raindrops and clouds, I can post those in my shop soon...

Rainbow Rain

Ok, so the first thing I did was to cut out my shapes from my fabrics. Here are my raindrops all cut out and in rainbow order of course. :) 

All my rainbow raindrops cut out on this sunny day. ������

Next, I cut my raindrop shapes from a very light weight, fusible interfacing. 

I'll be appliqueing my raindrops. First I turn the edges by sewing a lightweight interfacing to each.

Next, I sewed the interfacing raindrops and fabric raindrops together. Be sure to put the sticky side of the interfacing and the right side of the fabric together. Using a 1/4'' seam allowance, stitch all the way around each raindrop. 

Then, trim down the seam allowance around the pointy part of the raindrop and also clip the rounded part of the raindrop. Then cut a hole in the interfacing raindrop only - this is the hole where you will turn the raindrop right side out. Be careful not to snip the fabric raindrop on accident! 

Once I've sewn each raindrop and fusible interfacing together (right side and sticky side) I clip the rounded part, clip the point, then cut a small hole in the interfacing. Then I'll turn the raindrops right side out.

Repeat the process for all the raindrops. Then turn them right side out and finger press them flat. The sticky, fusible side of the interfacing should now be on the backside of the raindrops. If you are using fusible interfacing like me, you don't want to iron them because that will activate the fusing. Finger pressing will be just fine for now. 

Something to think about: Another option for cutting out the back (the interfacing) is to remove more of the back (interfacing). In the picture below, I'm showing you both ways. At first I started with just the slit, but then I moved onto a larger hole. I found it easier to turn the raindrops inside out this way. Some people like this way because it also reduces the bulk in the appliqu├ęd shape. But with the hole, you also lose some of your fusing, which could make the shape less sticky. 

Next, as I turn each raindrop right side out I finger press them flat(ish). I don't iron them bc I don't want to activate the fusible interfacing. Now I'm ready to play with placement and then iron baste each right onto the background or even my quilt san

Next, I repeated the process for the cloud pieces.... 

Making clouds today. ������

Clipped my curves and my inset corner.... 

Clip the inset corners almost to the seam line before turning.

Turned it right side out.... 

I'm just a little black rain cloud  Hovering over the honey tree.  I'm only a little black rain cloud  Pay no attention to me.

Here's a shot of the backs.

Rainbow Rain

Now, for the real fun! Make your quilt top background. For me, I'm making a baby quilt that I want to finish around 36'' wide by 42'' long. So I cut a 37'' width from some white fabric. I'm keeping the selvedges on until I'm finished with the quilting. 

Lay out your background and play with the lay out of the clouds and raindrops until you are happy. Then pin each in place. 

Rainbow Rain quilt

Next, baste the shapes in place using your iron to activate the fusible webbing on the interfacing (be sure to follow the manufacturer's directions for the fusible interfacing!).

Rainbow Rain quilt

And that's your quilt top! 

Rainbow Rain quilt

The next step would be to top stitch the shapes in place. I usually use a 1/8'' seam allowance. 
For this quilt though, I'm planning to use the top stitching as a part of the quilting. So I'm not going to top stitch until I've made my quilt sandwich. The background quilting will be diagonal lines I think! 

And that's my FAVORITE lazy man's way to applique. :) 


Ok, giveaway time! Gina is giving away a jelly-roll of From Bump to Baby fabric to my readers. Aren't Jelly Roll's the best? To enter please leave a comment on this post. Can you share your favorite rainy-day activity? Mine would probably be going to the movies or reading a good novel. What do you like to do? 

I'll draw a winner on Sunday. (I think the giveaway is only open for U.S. peeps.) Good luck! 
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Thanks for stopping by! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Icarus Star - Wanderer Fabric edition {Quilt Top}

I'm so lucky to have been sent Wanderer Fabric from April Rhodes! I met April at last Fall's Quilt Market in Houston. But prior to meeting her, I became familiar with her work through her Staple Dress pattern. Of course I made a couple Staple Dresses, and plan on making another. But April also has a bunch of other totally adorable patterns I'd like to try too.

Wanderer is her second fabric release; the first was Arizona. Her colors and aesthetic totally blow my mind. I'm a total fan so I tried to play it cool when I introduced myself to April at market. :) But, she is so sweet and enthusiastic. It was lovely to meet her.

Icarus Star - Wanderer Fabric

After tossing around some ideas with April, I decided that my Icarus Star quilt pattern would be a perfect quilt for Wanderer. My Icarus Star is inspired by Kilim designs and Wanderer happens to have a killer Kilim print (the Serape Dream and Serape Fervor prints).

Icarus Star - Wanderer fabric

The Icarus Star pattern can be found in the book Modern Rainbow. The Icarus Star in the book is of course made in color order, but for Wanderer, I wanted to mimic the color arrangement found in the Serape prints. And you know, I think I like the Wanderer version better than the book version! (sssshhhhhh!)

The inspiration behind the name "Icarus Star" comes from story of Icarus. If you are familiar with the story ... you will remember that Icarus' his father made him wings from feathers and wax. In his delight, Icarus forgot his father's warning about flying too close to the sun. His feathers melted apart and he fell....

As you may see from the pictures, the Icarus Star is imperfect and a bit lopsided. I never want to (nor am I able to) forget my imperfections and my limitations. I don't want to come off as perfect or having it all together. It's laughable to think it's possible for me to come across as having it all together; if it is, I'm sorry, it's not true! I know that God can make something beautiful despite, or even through, my brokenness. And for me, the Icarus Star embodies that desire.

Icarus Star - Wanderer - Detail

One thing I want to talk about is choosing the background fabric.  If you decide to make the Icarus Star pattern for yourself, hold off on choosing the background fabric until you have the star constructed. Personally, I had such a difficult time deciding on the background fabric in the original version and the wanderer version. This time around, I thought I had a background color nailed down and the lovely people at Art Gallery Fabric sent me the fabric I needed. BUT! Once I got the star made and laid it out on the background fabric, I knew the green wasn't quite right. So I scrambled to find an alternate. The navy turned out to be perfect.

Here's a picture showing the original green fabric, the navy fabric, and the brown I was considering.

Icarus star - choosing the background

So that's my Wanderer project. Be sure to check out April's blog for details about her AMAZING giveaway (read: 20 half yard cuts of Wanderer!). It's an instagram giveaway so be sure to check out April's feed (@aprilarhodes) and #wanderertourgiveaway.

Wanderer giveaway

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Thanks April! 

Monday, February 16, 2015

QuiltCon Details {Where I'll be}

In a few days I will leave for QuiltCon! Yippie! So I wanted to tell you where I'll be.

I'll be taking 2 classes and attending a handful of lectures. Here are the buttons I made for the QuiltCon button swap. I'll be carrying them around, so ask me for one if you see me. :)

Buttons!!! #quiltcon #quiltconpinswap

There will be 4 quilts of mine from Modern Rainbow: 14 Imaginative Quilts that Play with Color hanging in the show: Huckleberry, Flame, Rainbow Remix, and Ducks in a Row. (I have yet to blog about most of those yet.) You can also see Wavelength in the Stash Booth (Booth 824)

I will be having a book signing in Stash's Booth (#824) on Saturday at 2:00 pm. Stash will be selling my books in their booth as well. Then on Sunday at 11:00 am, I will be doing a demo at Demo Station B: the demo will be about using the full spectrum of color in quilts. It should be pretty good; I hope! :)

Here's a sneak peek! And that's totally not the full spectrum, but there's a method to my madness. I think. :)

Dear color: I love you.

Are you excited? I'm excited! See you there?

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