Friday, November 9, 2012

Favorites from Market 2012: Part 2

Good morning! 

So it continues to be November. Is any one else feeling the crush of the holidays yet? I definitely am. 

*Deep breath* 

Whew that's better. So now let's continue de-stressing by looking at more pictures from market! 

At Lilac Lane's booth I found a quilt made two things I love: rainbows and six pointed stars. She also had several cute dresses for little girls and pretty totes.

I love this quilt! 

Here's Amy Butler's booth.  

Amy, ahem - Mrs. Butler, was wearing a really cute purple tunic. I will be stalking her site for new patterns and new purple fabric! 

Here's Jennifer of monaluna. Jennifer was sweet. Jennifer also has several cute dresses for little girls and grown-up girls too (like the one she is wearing). Her fabrics are some of my favorites. 

Ok, from here on out my pictures are kind of frenetic. :) My time was running out and there was still so much to see! 

I finally got to meet Patty Sloniger who is local to Houston and a new fellow guild member. I love Patty's new line "Les Amis". 

I loved how Patty divided her booth by using the tree. Very clever. 

For a more detailed tour of Patty's booth, read her post. 
I wanted to steal those wee baby shoes and ties. :) 

Look at this pretty quilt by Liberty of London. 
I didn't get a great picture of it, but I can't leave it out. 

I missed seeing most of Carolyn Friedlander's booth, but I love her new Architextures line. 

To buy: architextures fabric. 

Getting the opportunity to go to market (and have people ask if I was a designer!) was great. I hope I have the opportunity next year. There was so much I didn't get to see but even so I left market doubling, at least, my list of projects I want to make and fabrics I want to buy. 

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