Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Closing out the Dresdens

Hi everyone!

Good news, I survived my first deadline! Sorry for leaving you hanging last week. I had to focus. Would you believe the laundry mountain I have to fold after weeks of neglect? That's next on my to-do list today. (Yah! I try to be thankful for my little gifts, but it is hard during the folding!)

The last Dresdens I shared are probably my favorites. I love the scrappy, make-do feel to these last bits.  I can nearly feel the warm sunshine resonating off the faded blocks. A little bit more information: Minnie's daughters helper her quilt this - my grandmother Florence among them.

Scrappy #dresdenaday

Ombré sun fade #dresdenaday

Super faded #dresdenaday Still lovely!

No wait... This is my favorite #dresdenaday

Scrappy make-do #dresdenaday

#dresdenaday #naptime or is it #bedtime?

Last #dresdenaday

Hope you enjoyed the #dresdenaday instaseries.

I've so enjoyed sharing my Great-grandmother Minnie's quilt with you all here and on Instagram this January. Thank you all for stopping by.


  1. I have enjoyed seeing this quilt. It's just so beautiful! I've started collecting vintage feed/flour sacks. I'm thinking a Dresden will be perfect with some of them :)

  2. Such a lovely quilt, and it reminds me so much of handmade heirlooms in our family too. So glad we've both got that deadline behind us. And yes, I have an identical mountain of laundry waiting for me upstairs...

  3. So wonderful that you have your Grandmother's quilt ~ heirlooms are so precious and lovely to have! Thank you for sharing this lovely quilt!


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