Friday, March 21, 2014

Mr. Jones {A Finish}

Yah! I'm so excited to have Mr. Jones finally finished.

The quilt was practically finished, only the binding left, when I received my deadline for my book. And, unfortunately as close as it was to being finished, I had to set in aside to meet my deadline. Seems silly right? (You shoulda seen the deadline!)


This pattern and fabric (Chicopee by Denyse Schmidt - my favorite line) reminded me of the polyester crazy quilts. Hence the name Mr. Jones, who wishes to be someone more funky.... So, for the quilting, I wanted to add more color (MOAR!).

I used several colors of Aurifil thread I had on hand. They didn't necessarily match, but they are so subtle they didn't not match.


I started by quilting half of it in gray and then filled in the rest of the quilting with the other colors. The colors are a bit too subtle. If I had it to do again, I would have used more color. Maybe 30% gray and the rest color? And/ Or I would have used thicker thread for the colors.

Overall, I love the idea of using different colored threads and will likely use this technique in the future.


Even though Mr. Jones was unfinished, it was not put away but put into use because of its fabulousness. (Have you ever used a quilt that wasn't bound? ) The main reason being the super cozy corduroy fabric I used for the back. It's the best! In the future I will definitely invest in cozy backings for quilts. Divine!


And of course I had to use a scrappy binding. You know for MOAR color. :)

And, look for a tutorial for this quilt in the near future!

Thank you so much for stopping by!


  1. Fantastic - you really are going from strength to strength!

  2. Um...Awesome-Sauce!!!! Love that Chicopee line too and cannot wait to use it.

  3. This is SO stunning! I absolutely love it (and that song :) ).

  4. Um, just gorgeous, and I love your idea for quilting in contrasting colored thread--brilliant! Also--*great* title (even though I thought you were referring to the song by the Talking Heads--one of my favorites--but to the best of my knowledge it's still all the same Mr. Jones they're talking about :) ).

  5. So completely beautiful, Becca! It must feel fabulous to have this one done!

  6. It's gorgeous, and I love the multi-colored quilting threads!

  7. what a beautiful quilt! thanks for sharing!


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